Introduction to Professor Dong Xu and His Lab at University of Sydney, Australia

1.  Could you briefly introduce yourself (and your University/Lab)?

Dong Xu is Chair in Computer Engineering and ARC Future Fellow at the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, The University of Sydney, Australia. His research group has developed new machine learning methods and intelligent systems for a broad range of image/video processing and computer vision related applications such as biometrics (i.e., face and human gait recognition), video analysis and compression, and multimedia retrieval as well as medical image analysis.

2.  What have been your most significant research contributions up to now?

First, Dr. Xu is internationally recognized for his pioneering works on developing new domain adaptation (transfer learning) methods for visual recognition. Second, Dr. Xu has made excellent contributions by developing new feature extraction methods to extract fewer but discriminant features for face recognition, human gait recognition and multimedia retrieval. Third, Dr. Xu also made outstanding contributions in developing pioneering deep learning technologies for video compression.

3.  What problems in your research field deserve more attention (or what problems will you like to solve) in the next few years, and why?

Dr. Xu’s group is currently working on deep video compression, which is one of the most promising directions towards the next generalization video compression standards. His group is also developing new deep learning technologies for point cloud processing and recognition, which is expected to have significant impact for autonomous vehicles and virtual reality related applications.  

4.    What advice would you like to give to the young generation of researchers/engineers?

Work on new research directions and try to tackle the most difficult questions in your fields and address the major challenges our communities face.